conducted by the quarter heads under the supervision of the head of the health area and with the support of M.A. SANTE field supervisors.

This sensitization was done in all the gathering places and chiefdoms. The main topic of discussion was the definition of cholera, the means of contamination as well as the methods of prevention. Among the methods of prevention, vaccination was discussed and a reminder was made about the preventive mass vaccination campaign that took place in 2017 and the benefits that this campaign had in the district of Mogodé. In total more than 2000 people were sensitized on the means of prevention and control of cholera, and hand washing The number of people sensitized per village is estimated as follows:

For each village the following people were present :

  1. The head of the Health Area
  2. The various village chiefs
  3. The Communication Focal Points of the Health Area and the District
  4. The Community Health Workers
  5. The M A SANTE field supervisors.