MOGODE OCV BOOSTER-DOSE STUDY (MOBS) : Training session of field supervisors

In the framework of launching field activities of the MOBS project (Understanding the magnitude and kinetics of the serological responses to killed oral cholera vaccine (OCV) when given 2 to 3 years after an initial receipt of OCV in Cameroon), M.A. SANTE headquarters hosted a 3-days training session of field supervisors from January 14 to16, 2021.

This phase 2 clinical trial is funded by Wellcome Trust ( and implemented by M.A. SANTE in Cameroon with support from the University of Johns Hopkins (USA). The aim of the trial is to assess whether the immune response to one or two doses of OCV given 3 years an initial dose can protect people of different age groups.

During this training session, supervisors were trained on clinical, community, monitoring and supervision activities. Simulations were done to consolidate acquired knowledges.

Next steps include: obtention of the research administrative authorization from the Cameroon Ministry of Public Health; recruitment and training of community health workers, trial registration, publication of the protocol and beginning of enrollments.