Article de 2018

Ajong AB, Njotang PN, Kenfack B, Essi MJ, Yakum MNIballa FBS, et al. Contraceptive method mix and preference: A focus on long acting reversible contraception in Urban Cameroon. PLoS ONE. 2018;13(8): e0202967.

Ajong AB, Njotang PN, Nghoniji NE, Essi MJ, Yakum MN, Agbor VN, Kenfack B. Quantification and determinants of HIV-related stigma among patients accessing antiretroviral therapy in the Bamenda Regional Hospital, North West Region of Cameroon. Globalization and Health. 2018 ;14:56.

Edietah EE, Njotang PN, Ajong AB, Essi MJ, Yakum MNMbu ER. Contraceptive use and determinants of unmet need for family planning; a cross sectional survey in the North West Region,Cameroon.BMC Women’s Health. 2018;18:171.

Ateudjieu J, Beyala BL, Guenou E, Njimbia CA, Chukuwchindun AB, Goura Koukoum AP, Zoung-Kani Bisseck AC. Profil et antibiosensibilité des bactéries pathogènes associées aux diarrhées chez les patients consultant à l’Hôpital Régional Annexe de Kousseri, Extrême-NordCameroun.ThePanAfricanMedicalJournal.2018;29:170.doi:10.11604/pamj.2018.29.170.14296.

Ateudjieu J, Muhamed MA, Yakum NM, Bayiha EJ, Vukugah AT, Watcho P, Zoung-Kanyi Bissek Assessing The Availability And Readiness Of Diabetes Healthcare Service In The West Region Of Cameroon. International Journal of Advanced Research and Publications. 2018;2(2):79-84.

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