Mogode OCV Booster-dose Study (MOBS)

This study aims to understand the magnitude and kinetics of the serological responses to killed oral cholera vaccine (OCV) when given 2 to 3 years after an initial receipt of OCV

Funding source : Wellcome Trust

Collaborators :

  • Ministry of Public Health, Cameroon through the Regional Delegation in Far North and the Health District of Mogode
  • Meilleur Accès aux soins de Santé (M.A. SANTE), Cameroon
  • John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA

Period : July 2020 au 2021


Project Team Leaders:

– Principal Investigator : Pr. ATEUDJIEU Jérôme (MA SANTE) ; Project Coordinator: Pr. ATEUDJIEU Jérôme (MA SANTE) ; Project Coordinator: Pr. David A Sack (John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) ;  Monitoring and Evaluation officer: Dr MAYI Marie Paul Audrey (MA SANTE) ;  Field Supervisor Mogode: Mr BUH Collins (MA SANTE) ; Lab Manager M.A. SANTE: Mr BEYALA Landry (MA SANTE)


Currently, the Global Cholera Control Roadmap assumes that a vaccination campaign using two doses should be carried out in cholera hotspots and that, an OCV (Oral Cholera Vaccine) campaign should be repeated after about 03 years in these hotspots. However, a protocol that will guide the booster vaccination is required. This study aims to assess whether the immune response to one or two doses of OCV given 03 years after an initial dose can protect people of different age groups. This is an open label, age-stratified clinical trial to determine the kinetics of the serum antibody responses following a single or two booster doses of OCV. The study is carried out in the Mogode Health District based in the Far North Region of Cameroon. The District has benefited in 2017 from a two-dose OCV immunization campaign. Blood samples are collected from participants at baseline and at a given periodicity after vaccine administration to assess the immune responses following the administered vaccine doses.

This project (through MA SANTE) is expected to determine whether the immune response following the administration of a single dose is equivalent to that of two doses in each age group, and according to the number of doses received in 2017. Understanding human immunological responses after booster OCV administration will serve as evidence to guide the estimates of vaccine doses and resources when planning OCV booster vaccination campaigns.

Progress report of activities

– Household sensitizations and recruitment by community volunteers accompanied by field supervisors are ongoing.

– Data collection started, and consist of screening, enrolling, sampling and vaccinating consenting participants.

– All field activities are still ongoing and expected to end soon.

– Laboratory activities have started.


The project has been registered in Pan African Clinical Trials Registry; identification number: PACTR202102660004195

– No publication of articles yet

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